NetApp Legal Receives Prestigious Honor

By Connie Brenton, Chief of Staff, NetApp Legal


Last week, NetApp’s legal team received one of our industry’s most prestigious awards as the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) selected NetApp as one of its 2013 ACC Value Champions. The ACC, widely considered the legal industry’s top organization for corporate legal departments, selects a handful of legal organizations every year that maximize the value of legal services through progressive management practices. In short, the ACC Value Champions are organizations that are innovative, efficient, and effective.



In selecting NetApp, the ACC recognized work that our legal department has done spanning the last several years to implement new technologies, focus on analytics and dashboards, employ value based fees, and leverage vendor relationships with companies like Elevate and Sky Analytics to exponentially increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. One of the by-products of this work that some NetApp employees may have experience with is the electronic signature functionality we started known as “Instant NDA”. An NDA process that used to take up to several weeks can now be completed in just a couple minutes resulting in more than 500 days or productivity getting returned to the company. You can read more details here.


We are thrilled to be recognized for our achievements in this way, and we believe it is a reflection of the progressive culture of NetApp as a whole.