NetApp Listens and Takes Action

This year’s annual Customer Listening Survey launched on August 28.  Customers were nominated by their account manager to provide feedback on NetApp products, solutions, and services.  If you were invited to participate, we encourage you to share your honest and unbiased feedback by completing the survey.  If you have completed your survey, thank you for your time and valuable input. If you were not invited to participate this year, contact your account manager on more information on participating in next year’s survey.  We are committed to listen and respond back to you on the survey results and NetApp’s actions to improve your customer experience.


NetApp conducts this robust annual Customer Listening Survey to:

  • gain insight into how customers view NetApp’s brand, and NetApp products, solutions, and services
  • drive NetApp improvements that are important to our customers,
  • and deliver a better customer experience.


We realize there are many requests for completing surveys; however, our closed-loop communication is what makes this annual survey different.  NetApp listens and responds back to customers in two ways: 

  1. NetApp’s CEO shares overall survey results and key actions
  2. The participant’s account manager shares specific results and action plans, based on the participant’s specific feedback.


You can view Tom Georgens response to last year’s survey on the NetApp CL Survey Community Page. This year’s survey results will be available in early 2013.