NetApp Named “Champion” in Mid-range to Entry Enterprise Storage by Info-Tech Research Group

By Matt Miller, NetApp Senior Product Marketing Manager


You all read here that NetApp was rated a “Champion” and “Best Overall Value” in Info-Tech Research Group’s Small to Mid-range Storage Vendor Landscape.  Well, the awards didn’t end there!


Info-Tech Research Group also released its Vendor Landscape for Mid-range to Entry Enterprise Storage, and NetApp was again rated in the “Champion” category!  These rankings are a tremendous testament to the overall quality of NetApp’s storage offerings, no matter the size and scope of the challenges that businesses are facing today. 


Here is a sample of the praise for NetApp’s Mid-range to Entry Enterprise products:


  • “NetApp is a full featured, unified solution with a unique approach to flash and tiering”
  • “NetApp’s recent release of cluster mode makes it an attractive option for large environments looking for simple scaling”
  • “NetApp continues to evolve its flash strategy with Virtual Storage Tiering, adding Flash Pool SSD-based caching and Flash Accel server cache to controller-based Flash Cache.”
  • “VMware integration continues to be a strong point for NetApp, with extensive block and NAS VMware API support, and standout features such as VM compression, vCenter backup and deduplication integration.”
  • “Integrated Data Protection continues to be a strong point.”


And finally:


  • “Organizations looking for flexible storage solutions for their virtual environments with a comprehensive set of available disk utilization and redundancy features should definitely consider NetApp. Look to FAS systems for innovative use of flash as cache and data reduction capabilities which, when combined, maintain high performance at a reasonable cost.”


So the bottom line is that NetApp is providing our customers with comprehensive solutions that take advantage of key technologies in today’s storage market – such as easy scaling and nondisruptive operations with clustered DATA ONTAP, and providing a variety of ways to employ flash.  All built on the world’s #1 Storage OS[1].  Hard to go wrong with that!  


Complete details on Info-tech Research Group report are here.  Also visit FAS3200 product page for more information or test it out yourself.


[1] Source: NetApp internal estimates of Revenue and Storage Capacity in the Worldwide Open-Networked Storage Market, as of June 2012. VNX, VNXe, and Celerra NS can run any Flare or Dart operating system. The contribution of these products to the OS share has been estimated based on the proportion of NAS and SAN installations in these products (NAS – Dart; SAN – Flare).