NetApp Named to 2014 FORTUNE U.S. Great Place to Work List - A Special “Congratulations!” from Great Place to Work CEO

By China Gorman, CEO, Great Place to Work


NetApp has become a fixture on our Best Companies to Work for lists. For twelve consecutive years now, NetApp has appeared on the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For list. That is quite an accomplishment. Since NetApp is the number three company on our 2013 World’s Best list, NetApp employees worldwide can join in celebrating what the company has achieved.


When most people talk about what makes a company a great workplace, they talk about what the company does – Management offers these practices; HR provides these benefits; Training & Development hosts these classes. However, employees at great workplaces such as NetApp understand that being great is more than just what happens at the top – it is also in the values and behaviors that everyone exhibits each day: a great workplace is created by all employees.


Today, everyone at NetApp should congratulate themselves on a job well done. To celebrate, I thought it would be nice to take a look at what employees have said about NetApp and to remember the intangible, essential things that have made NetApp so great for so long.





“When I came to NetApp, I was skeptical of the GPTW reputation - I thought it was all hype - but I have come to realize that it's the real thing. I feel welcome here, I don't need to have (a) meeting with 100 people to make sure everyone is on board before doing something, people interact and socialize together, and management seems very honest and talks openly of the challenges and opportunities. In the past year here I've talked/met with more VPs and other execs than I did in my five years at the other company. The hierarchy and snobbery that are pervasive at large tech companies are not here, and hopefully it stays that way.” – NetApp Employee


“NetApp employs thousands of engaging, insightful people who celebrate the opportunity to provide innovative, scalable, extensible enterprise storage solutions to fulfill many unique customer requirements. Currently, the teams I work with are experienced and shift through their gears very smoothly. It is hard to improve on the kind of rhythm that so many of my work colleagues and teammates have found working together through so many years on so many projects. Timing is everything. For me, NetApp has done a great job keeping the momentum for achieving the goals they set forth by increasing the awareness with their customer base while educating and circulating the urgency among the employees and partners who are the evangelists and keepers of NetApp's spectacularly hot blue flame. I love working for NetApp.” – NetApp Employee


“I have a lot of freedom to do what I think is best not just for my job but in figuring out what needs to be done. They let me run with my ideas, and it gives me a chance to feel like I am making a difference in the company. Since what the company does is super important to the lives of nearly everyone on Earth, it is satisfying. I really couldn't have a better job.” – NetApp Employee


“NetApp fosters a culture of cooperation and respect toward all employees. This emphasis on people and their happiness lends to a fun work environment where people enjoy coming to work. My coworkers mean more to me than they have at previous companies. They are my friends, confidants, and are the reason I love to work at NetApp.” – NetApp Employee