NetApp and Cisco: Celebrating the Power of Integration

By Patrick Rogers, Vice President of Solutions and Integrations at NetApp


At NetApp, we are proud of our long-standing partnership with Cisco. Not only for the extraordinary success of FlexPod—our joint approach to integrated infrastructure that has set the industry standard for integrated server networking and storage solutions—but for the example we have set within our industry.


Together, NetApp and Cisco are showing the technology community that the greatest innovations come from the spirit and practice of collaboration, mutual respect and a shared vision. We have proven that technology customers no longer have to accept a false binary that forces them to choose between the benefits of integration or innovation. As Cisco and NetApp have showed over the course of more than a decade, it is not just possible to enjoy both—it is, in fact, critical to drive real business results.


All too often, leaders in our space are overly comfortable with the paradox of advocating the demolition of silos for customers while simultaneously walling off their own solutions and forcing users to choose. As customers mitigate and manage the deployment of more complicated solutions, they are less willing—and in many cases, less able—to compromise their solutions at the expense of their own business outcomes. More than ever, our customers’ want to work with companies who easily work together to achieve success and put the customer first.


The partnership between Cisco and NetApp proves this can be done. In more than two years, FlexPod has achieved a leadership position in the industry—offered by 900 global partners in 78 different countries to nearly 3,000 customers in 35 countries worldwide. Building on a shared vision of a unified data center, Cisco and NetApp offer the ability to simplify deployment, management and orchestration — connecting enterprise clouds to service providers, enterprises to branch offices, consumers to enterprises, and clouds to clouds.


We continue to work together to enhance our FlexPod portfolio with new solutions that integrate our best technologies and validate designs across the entire portfolio. The recently announced FlexPod Select, for dedicated data-intensive workloads, joins the FlexPod integrated infrastructure portfolio to support the growing need to tie storage, networks, applications, and analytics (e.g. Big Data) into a more automated, responsive system that increases efficiency and lowers operational expense. The new offerings build on Cisco and NetApp’s joint vision and strategy of to unify branch offices, core data centers, service providers and dedicated application infrastructures.


At NetApp, we are incredibly excited to continue this partnership. With a shared passion for the kind of innovation that offers customers real efficiency and measurable results, we look forward to continuing to develop a more deeply integrated and unified data center architecture.


As we work together to expand market coverage and accelerate innovation to address customer demands for software-defined architectures and hybrid cloud consumption models, NetApp and Cisco will continue to prove to our industry and our customers that the true key to a competitive advantage can be found in the process of collaboration.