NetApp in the News, 3/24/14

Every Monday we bring you top stories featuring NetApp that you may have missed from the previous week. Let us know what interests you by commenting below.


NetApp CFO: The Finance Chief’s Role Is Growing - The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal’s CFO Journal highlights the evolving and expanding role of the CFO and how it relates to the IT industry and the cloud in this Q&A with NetApp CFO Nick Noviello.


Simple Innovations Create the Most Impact - CIO Review

The CIO's role is changing from being focused on back office and core operations to delivering value to the organization. NetApp CIO Cynthia Stoddard discusses how success requires creating real balance.


NetApp CMO Julie Parrish on Why the ‘CIO-CMO’ Gap is Widening - Computerworld (India)

Julie Parrish speaks with Computerworld India about how marketing has transformed and why the CIO-CMO gap seems to be widening.


SAP joins hands with HP, Intel, NetApp, and Red Hat to create world's largest data warehouse - InformationWeek (India)

NetApp collaborated to achieve a new Guinness World Record in the “World's Largest Data Warehouse” category!


I really enjoy the weekly summaries - it lets me catch up at a glance and see what is going on in our world - thanks