NetApp in the News, 5/29/12

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Great Workplaces Grow the Bottom Line  – Great Places to Work Blog

The Great Places to Work Blog mentions NetApp as a member of both the Fortune 500 list as well as on the list of the top 100 Best Companies to Work For. There are only 21 companies on both lists.


When Will the World Reach 8 Zetabytes of Stored Data?Silicon Angle

The Silicon Angle highlighted an infographic released by NetApp that predicted that data storage would total 8 Zetabytes by the year 2015, meaning the data storage industry is on the up-climb.


Unified Storage Strategies Help Keep Storage Costs DownInfoStor

This InfoStor article highlights how NetApp pioneered the push toward unified storage while the rest of the market has “hooked their carts” to NetApp’s bandwagon.