NetApp in the News, 8/12/13

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Cisco and NetApp Tackle Hadoop - Network World

Additional coverage on NetApp and Cisco’s rebranding of FlexPod looks at how companies offer integrated FlexPod server, storage, switching architecture for big data.


From Compromise to Detection – The Challenges of Cyber AnalyticsCyber Defense Magazine

Lee Vorthman, Cyber Initiatives, NetApp USPS, details how to improve the detection ability of current cyber analytics tools and how close to real-time situational awareness we can reach.


2013 ACC Value Champion List - Association of Corporate Counsel

NetApp’s legal team received one of the industry’s most prestigious awards as the ACC selected NetApp as one of its 2013 ACC Value Champions.


I think this is the best chanced to know more about the activities related to net app . This week the activities are elated to Cisco and other network engines, featuring cyber analytics,. Hope folks who have missed the previous week’s updates will find this easier.