NetApp’s Win-Win Innovation Strategy

By George Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Operations at NetApp


At NetApp, the objective of our innovation strategy is to deliver the industry’s best portfolio of storage and data management products that are flash accelerated and cloud integrated. Our goal is to provide a portfolio of solutions that satisfies customer needs across any workload and any deployment model in shared or application-driven environments.


Today, flash technology changes the way performance can be delivered to applications from storage systems. It allows customers to transform their businesses by making real-time an expectation and not an aspiration. By expanding our EF and E-Series platforms, we are both executing this strategy and meeting continued market demand for dense, performance-oriented architectures. Our solutions for these environments deliver superior performance, efficiency, reliability, and scale that customers can’t find elsewhere.


For the most demanding enterprise applications, responsiveness drives time-to-market, customer satisfaction, productivity, revenue generation, and other forms of competitive advantage. All-flash array technology combined with enterprise systems development expertise can deliver the extreme performance, IT efficiency and proven reliability needed. Our newest offering, the all-flash EF550 array delivers the consistent, predictable, sub-millisecond response times that accelerate the most demanding, latency-sensitive applications.


But for many environments, striking a balance between price and performance is required. This is where our recently introduced platforms, E2700 and updated E5500, come into play. NetApp E-Series meets the needs of customers who require systems architected for performance, density and modular flexibility to best address the widest range of data-intensive workloads.


I frequently speak to customers about NetApp’s customer-centric approach to developing innovations that meet and mitigate the real, escalating daily challenges they face. I tell them that in order to meet NetApp’s high standards for innovation and customer benefit, we design our platforms to feature three critical criteria:

  1. They must be simple.
  2. They must be seamless.
  3. They must be streamlined.


To achieve simplicity, we provide an easy-to-use, flexible and highly configurable architecture that allows customers to manage their storage systems without the need for the extensive expertise typically required. This is especially important when customers are application owners who only want to configure storage and support the application environment.


NetApp ensures seamlessness by embracing and designing to the idea that customers should be able to plug and play into any application environment. This is why NetApp has developed a series of capabilities that provide excellent flexibility when configuring an application system and the ability to add capacity on demand without the need to reconfigure.


To address the need to be streamlined, I proudly point to the fact that NetApp technology has been deployed widely around the world and an extremely proficient and effective operating system for performance efficiency and uptime.


It is our focus on the evolving technology needs of our customers that has established and sustained NetApp’s track record for delivering the best storage and data management products. When coupled with our commitment to partnering effectively with complementary technology and solution providers, we are able to deliver an innovation strategy that provides differentiated competitive advantage for our customers, as well as the kind of choice and flexibility that drives real business results.