No, We Don’t Provide Pet Massages or Free Food*: Employees’ Perspectives on NetApp as a Great Place to Work

It has been said that, at NetApp, being a “great place to work” isn’t about the traditional perks. At the end of the day, NetApp is a public company, so you don’t find free fancy bottles of water in break rooms or exclusive corner offices. NetApp360 sat down with employees to find out what makes NetApp a great place to work around the world.


What is it about the culture at NetApp that garnered the company a #3 spot on The Great Place to Work’s 2013 “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces” list for the third year in a row?


Deep Rastogi (senior engineer): The “it” factor at NetApp is our focus on employees. We are treated not as “headcount”, but as people with ideas and value. Employees are empowered to make decisions and trusted to do the right thing. Through open communication from executives, employees can ask tough questions of our top executives and expect candid answers. Furthermore, management is very supportive of employees’ lives outside of work. We get five paid volunteer days off to pursue our passions outside NetApp. There is opportunity for flexible working hours as well.


Kayla Villwock (university relations campus manager): Most companies have a list of values that they feel exemplify the way they choose to conduct business. At NetApp, the difference is that we truly live our values and go above and beyond to recognize those who demonstrate these principles. In fact, we have an annual employee award, the “Living Our Values” award, that recognizes employees who have embraced our values and positively impacted our stakeholders. These employees are recognized by the CEO and the entire employee population at our May All Hands meeting. Hear stories of NetApp’s culture in action here.


Can you tell us about an experience you had or witnessed that exemplifies NetApp’s culture and core values?


DR: Just last week, I was working on an urgent project and needed to collect numerous types of data. I reached out to a member of my organization who I didn't know, and who’s based hundreds of miles away. That person not only provided me with what I needed, but also collected additional information that could help me. This person voluntarily stayed awake late into the night to help me resolve this issue.


KV: A colleague of mine sent an e-mail to Tom Mendoza, NetApp’s vice chairman, praising me for the hard work I was doing in the University Recruiting department. Tom called to personally thank me for my efforts. I had only been out of college for less than one year. This is when I realized that NetApp’s culture is truly one of a kind.


What inspires or excites you about coming to work at NetApp every day?


DR: It’s the people! I love what I do and the people I work with. Management sets the tone for a supportive and encouraging culture. All team members work as “one team” and look out for each other. We are encouraged to take risks, try new assignments, and continuously learn and grow.


KV: It’s knowing that I will have an opportunity to learn from, and partner with, some of the most intelligent people in the technology industry and have constant support from my colleagues and management. There are always opportunities to learn more and a substantial impact to be made.


What are some ways in which you show your NetApp pride?


DR: I am an absolute NetApp fan! My Facebook and Twitter feeds often mention the little things that keep me happy and engaged at NetApp, like the Revlon professional head shots for our social media profiles during the launch of our Revlon story or the blood donation drive. Even my cover photo on Facebook is from a NetApp volunteer group event.


KV: I have accumulated a plethora of t-shirts and knick-knacks that display the NetApp logo. I wear these shirts nearly everywhere I go, I drink my coffee from a NetApp mug, and I sport my NetApp water bottle during workouts. I’m very proud!


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*Well, OK, you can book an appointment for an on-site massage or get insurance for your pet, and sometimes we have free food and drinks!