Nurturing and Cultivating NetApp’s Culture

Welcome to our newest blog, Tom Talks. Join NetApp’s Vice Chairman, Tom Mendoza, as he talks about what makes NetApp’s culture so special. As an honorary founder and a 18 year veteran of NetApp, Tom has always been known throughout the company as a key contributor to establishing and nurturing our culture. He lectures across the globe on leadership and creating positive corporate cultures, and we want to expose the rest of the world to some of his insights. Join us for this six part series where he will discuss NetApp’s culture and the five key attributes that we believe have sustained our incredible culture over the last 20 years.



Hi Tom,

This is neto from Brazil

How are you?

Congratulations for the BLOG!

All the best my friend


NetApp - My reason to live!

Looks like a "vlog" rather than a "blog," but it's a good idea, and I appreciate the promised bird's eye view of attitude, candor, affirmation, leadership, and adaptabiltiy (although two of those attributes are paraphrases of what's actually said here).