Recognizing the Courage to Think Differently

Change is hard. NetApp’s Innovation Awards are about recognizing people with the courage to think differently about how IT can drive business. These role models show what is possible, and hopefully they will inspire others to follow.


This year, during the 8th annual awards program, we honored organizations from around the globe that are using IT in new and exciting ways no one ever dreamed possible. 


Congratulations and thank you to the 7 Innovation Awards winners this year:

Innovators of the YearIowa Workforce Development (USPS); Mercy Healthcare System (Americas); Oxigen Services India (APAC); T-Systems Austria (EMEA)

Efficiency InnovationING Direct

Flexibility InnovationVerizon Communications

Visionary Leadership: Teradata Labs



I am impressed with the way NetApp is collaborating and sharing with customers. Its rare to see such awards. Creating a innovative product is one thing, however taking it to next level and building onto it is something very rarely recognized. Many companies struggle driving continuous innovation and this kind of approach is surely going to encourage more innovation in businesses.