Social Media: It’s More Than What You Ate for Breakfast #TryNewThings

By Cynthia Stoddard, Chief Innovation Officer

I am a big believer in trying new things. Whether it’s exploring an unknown destination, tasting an exotic food or testing out the latest cutting-edge technology, I am naturally driven to step outside of my comfort zone. So when I was asked to engage in social media I must confess, my first instinct was to resist. To just say no. I was skeptical of the business benefits associated with social media. But my curiosity combined with my desire to stay current, led me to explore using social media for business as my next new thing. 

I soon found myself in the world of Twitter composing my first-ever “tweet.” I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain as I learned the ins and outs of using 140 characters to communicate. I found it fun to learn more about how the role that digital technology plays in connecting key audiences in the most relevant ways.

Along with trying new things, I think it’s important to be visible and accessible. Before I knew it I was involved in and following interesting conversations with all types of people. I was also humbled to be named one of The Top 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter 2014.

Try it!

Social media comes in many flavors; LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+ to name a few and it's a great way to network and stay connected. Give it a try! If you don’t know how to get started, I encourage you to check out this infographic to learn more about creating the perfect post for each of the different social platforms.

Beyond the external benefits of social media, internally one of the goals of our social network is to improve communications and increase transparency. I believe we should be looking at how technology and social networks can increase the speed of knowledge transfer, build relationships, increase collaboration and improve internal business processes.

Social Media Day

Today, Mashable is celebrating their fifth annual Social Media Day (#SMDay)! Join the conversation with fellow social media enthusiasts online by sharing why you love social media.