‘Social Media Week’ Aims to Engage Employees at NetApp’s Sunnyvale Headquarters

While the phrase “social media” doesn’t fall under each and every job description within an organization, that doesn’t mean all employees can’t find opportunities to get involved in social conversations. The key is to understand how to participate in a way that benefits both themselves and their organizations.


Beginning next Monday, March 4 through Friday, March 8, we’re helping NetApp employees located at our Sunnyvale headquarters learn the steps required to properly engage through social media. In an effort to help raise awareness and empower everyone to get involved, Social Media Week will provide employees with the knowledge they need to build their online brands and engage on a variety of social platforms.


In addition to in-person training sessions focused on social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter, what will the week include? Here’s a look:


  • Exclusive Speaker Session with Industry Experts: Moderated by Christopher Barger, Senior Vice President of Global Programs at Voce Communications, this panel session will discuss the challenges, approaches and bottom-line impact of social media. Panelists include:
    • Todd Wilms, Senior Director of Social, SAP
    • Jeanette Gibson, Senior Director, Social & Digital Marketing, Cisco
    • Len Devanna, Director of Social Business Strategy, PwC (former social strategist at EMC)
    • Shanee Ben-Zur, Social Media Manager, Salesforce


  • “Social Media for Social Good” Session: How can social media impact fundraising efforts? This session will showcase crowdsourcing successes and offer tips and tricks when it comes to generating support for your own personal causes.


  • Professional Headshots for Social Media Profiles: To celebrate the new Revlon Epic Story Launch, employees will have the opportunity to showcase the beauty of the professional in each of them with free professional headshots for use on their social media profiles.


Now ask yourself – how can you get involved on social media? What benefits do you see for both yourself and your organization by actively engaging in social conversations?


If you’re a NetApp employee located on our Sunnyvale campus, click here for more details about our upcoming Social Media Week, including locations and times for each of the week’s activities.



Excellent job TinaA for pulling this group together.  This is going to be a great panel and I am excited to come out to speak with the smart people at NetApp.  Looking forward to seeing some familiar and some new faces in the crowd.  Until next week . . . . - Todd