Sparking New Ideas with NetApp on NetApp

By Matt Brown, Senior Program Manager, NetApp on NetApp

NetApp IT knows the intrinsic value of bringing together IT professionals from different companies to share strategies, challenges, and experiences. As conversations unfold, we discover the passion IT professionals have for their jobs and for their desire to talk with credible peers. This is a terrific way to compare and benchmark with other IT shops, spark new ideas, and drive innovation and efficiency.

In my 25 years as an IT professional, I have found that many IT departments struggle with similar problems and challenges. The only difference is the scale, complexity, and maturity of each organization. We are all trying to accomplish the same things:

  • How do we as an IT organization enable the business to scale and grow?
  • How do we align to the business and to our corporate strategy?
  • How do we manage costs and increase agility?
  • How do we deliver the best possible services to the business?

Our NetApp on NetApp program is supported by a group of IT subject-matter experts who have volunteered to help other IT organizations struggling with similar challenges. We share our real-world experiences operating a global enterprise using industry-leading technology, including NetApp storage solutions, and our business case for implementation. Often, the conversations start with a request from our sales organization to help a NetApp customer with a problem.

And yet, we are not sales or marketing. We are a group of real-world IT practitioners who enjoy sharing our passion, knowledge, and strategies with other IT professionals.

We invite you to read other NetApp on NetApp blogs on our experiences in engineering and in running a Fortune 500 company, while maximizing the value of NetApp technology.


The NetApp-on-NetApp blog series features advice from subject matter experts from NetApp IT who share their real-world experiences using NetApp’s industry-leading storage solutions to support business goals. Want to view learn more about the program? Visit



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