Speaking from the Heart, the NetApp on NetApp Way

By Chad Lew, IT Ninja, NetApp on NetApp   

Many technology companies use their own products and services. At NetApp our Marketing organization calls it "drinking our own champagne," while Product Engineering refers to it as "consuming our own home brew." In IT we affectionately call it "eating our own dog food."

The official name of the program is NetApp on NetApp, and it is based on three major pillars:

  1. Product Adoption. NetApp IT adopts NetApp products and services as soon as they are publicly available to customers. Our goal here is to be the first NetApp customer.
  2. Feedback. Once we have adopted a particular product or service, we share our feedback internally with the product teams and business units. By doing this, we make our products better – from installation, to functionality, to features, to support – further enhancing the customer experience.
  3. Best Practices. The NetApp on NetApp team then documents how the product(s) solve a real business problem, as well as our strategies around people, process, and technology in running a global enterprise. We leverage different subject-matter experts across IT to help us share best practices and business benefits of NetApp technology. 

Using our own products gives us credibility when sharing our experiences with our customers and IT peers – via blogs, success stories, and private discussions with relevant stakeholders. We support open and honest dialogue, not just about the challenges we faced, but also the lessons we learned. Combining candor and direct interactions is what makes our program unique and valuable.

By telling our own stories based on first-hand experience, NetApp on NetApp is expanding and enhancing its relationships with IT professionals, customers, and partners around the world.

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