Symantec Partners with NetApp to Build a Massive Virtual Private Cloud Architecture

Dan Neault, Senior Vice President, Datacenter Solutions Group, NetApp


Three years ago, a complex and siloed IT process hampered Symantec’s ability to support enterprise customers. They had hundreds of global labs that supported a variety of engineers who would spend weeks physically building test environments to replicate and troubleshoot customer issues. The cost of supporting this global footprint was not sustainable. To make the approach effective, Symantec needed to reduce their global data center footprint and deploy a massive virtual private cloud to solve its complex issue.


NetApp and Symantec collaborated to create a scalable cloud platform to enable engineers to quickly replicate customer production environments. We worked side-by-side with Symantec and our partner ecosystem to enable the strategy and deployment of one of the largest scalable cloud platforms in the world, while balancing risk, cost reduction and growth. The result is known as Granite Labs— a massive virtual private cloud architecture on our FlexPod converged infrastructure solution.



Granite Labs is one of the world’s largest software-defined data centers (SDDCs) and software-defined storage is a critical component of the SDDC model. NetApp’s proven track record in software-defined storage for large private clouds was a key element in creating the foundation for Granite Labs.


The opportunity for NetApp to be an important part in the strategy and creation of Symantec’s Granite Labs exemplifies what it means to be a trusted partner that customers can count on for success. By partnering with us, Symantec enabled a companywide transformation and saved tens of millions of dollars while giving support engineers faster access to application environments. Granite Labs has become an internal lighthouse for large-scale private cloud deployments.


Symantec’s customers have noticed the success of Granite Labs too, and are looking to Symantec as a model for how to design and build the next generations of their private clouds.


In just three years, Granite Labs jumped from 100 users in enterprise support to more than 7,000 users across the company. Today, it draws users from nearly every department—from education to marketing, sales, QA, and R&D.


Granite Lab’s prebuilt environments have not only saved the company millions of dollars, but it has also accelerated the time to deploy a virtual data center by at least two weeks. This alone has eliminated more than 37,000 weeks of effort (more than 700 years of time) and has given employees on-demand access to the resources they need to better serve their enterprise customers.


NetApp is committed to going above and beyond for our customers and our partners. We will get in the hot seat and leverage our expertise to help solve the toughest storage and data management challenges that enterprises are facing. The success of Symantec’s Granite Labs solution is an example of how innovation through integration can truly transform results throughout a global enterprise.


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