Tell the Truth at the Moment it Counts

Continuing with our six part series on the five key attributes of NetApp’s culture, Tom talks about the one that resonates most with middle tier management in companies – candor. Join Tom as he tells us why it’s important to tell the truth at the moment it counts.


Excellent comments on Candor!

bhogue Netapp Alumni

Refreshing reminder on the importance of teams utilizing Candor for efficiency, change and growth.  Sure, someone's true comments, thoughts and feelings might come out over time, but how effective is that for teams and companies to act, change and grow?  Not only preaching efficiency to our clients, but working efficiently to support the growth and effectiveness of our that's refreshing within a company and should never be taken for granted!

Thanks for another great video, Tom. I feel priveledged to work with a team who live our value of candor. It isn't always pretty, but it makes all the difference in the world.

Thx.  With all of our hiring, key to continue to emphasize and accept candor