The Art of Public Speaking

Tom Mendoza speaks globally on culture and leadership. In his latest blog post he gives his own personal tips and tricks on how to become a better public speaker. 


Great video Tom.  I agree Toastmasters is a great group to join and practice your public speaking.  I learned many mistakes I was making from the people in Toastmasters.  It's a comfortable setting to take risks in, since everyone is there for the same reason, and equally nervous. 

Great advice, Mr. Mendoza is a great speaker. I took a public speaking course once, I learned that you should know your content very well.

I like the format: Crisp and straight to the point. And as Tom mentioned, at Toastmasters you learn exactly that and much more.

Great tips, thanks for sharing, Tom. I especially liked the insight on eye contact.

thank you for he great tips Tom.  Excellent tip on the eye contact.

Fantastic advice - 1) How do you want your audience to FEEL and 2) Tell a story (because people want to hear how it ends!) - Simple advice but broken down so effectively - Thanks!

Great video Tom! Ryan Avery is the 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking and he happens to be the a member of the Toastmasters chapter I go to. He is an authentic, helping, and caring individual who has big dreams! As a world champion of public speaking, here shared some insights here. Hope you find this beneficial.

Great, simple and strait-forward advice. Always begin with the end in mind, speak to feelings and engage people meaningfully.... these are the attributes of all great presenters.