The FAS3200 Series: The Perfect Balance of Price and Performance for Both Enterprise and Midsized Business Organizations

Posted by Matt Miller 


As data and device usage escalates, smaller enterprise and mid-sized businesses (MSBs) are finding that they now have the storage, capacity and scaling needs of larger enterprise organizations, but must contend with MSB-sized budgets and operating expenses. The NetApp FAS3200 series midrange storage systems have allowed companies to consolidate their infrastructure operations onto a shared, unified SAN and NAS storage platform, giving them a high degree of flexibility and scale.


Today NetApp is excited to announce the release of two new additions to the FAS3200 portfolio—the FAS3220 and FAS3250. With up to 80% more performance and up to 100% more capacity scale for a comparable price, the new FAS3200 systems offer much more value for both smaller enterprise and mid-sized business customers


The new FAS3200 series serves as the optimal foundation for an agile data infrastructure, enabling business operations to run faster, scale further and be more efficient in use of storage.  The new systems can be tailored for virtual, cloud or traditional environments requiring only a few terabytes of storage to over 2PB in a single system.


Support for clustered Data ONTAP offers capabilities such as non-disruptive operations and seamless scaling to meet the ever changing requirements of today’s data driven environments.  Non-disruptive operations essentially eliminate the need for planned downtime by enabling customers to execute transparent upgrades, system replacements and performance balancing with no disruption of service to users.


NetApp also supports Flash technology on the new FAS3200 systems. Businesses have the flexibility to choose how to employ Flash, either within the server or at the storage level through a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of Flash offerings. Flash Accel caches “hot” data in the server for extreme application performance needs, and Flash Cache and Flash Pools can both increase performance in the storage layer, and improve storage efficiency by enabling reductions in overall storage footprint and space requirements. 


Both the FAS3220 and FAS3250 systems can boost application responsiveness by up to 90 percent with support for up to 2TB of Flash memory. Leveraging Flash, organizations can also gain storage efficiencies in excess of 60 percent by enabling the right storage media to be used at the right time for the right data


Combining performance and value, NetApp’s 3200 series is the ideal platform to address the performance and capacity needs of today’s growing enterprises and MSBs, offering the ability to dynamically adjust and scale to the needs of the future—without requiring downtime or an increase in IT budget or administrative overhead.


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