Volunteer Time Off: Gaining Inspiration by Giving Back

Part 1 of a two-part series on NetApp’s Volunteer Time Off program


Bill Hogan, VP and GM of America’s Enterprise East, has taken the NetApp Volunteer Time Off program very seriously during his 10 years at NetApp. His commitment to St. Baldrick’s is well known throughout the NetApp organization, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Bill participates in many volunteer opportunities ranging from coaching his kids’ sports teams, to raising money and shaving his head each year for St. Baldrick’s, as well as sitting on the board at both Justin Tuck’s R.U.S.H for Literacy and MercyFirst.

When asked about the VTO program Bill responded: “NetApp is committed to supporting the opportunity many folks in the organization have to give back in their own communities. That’s a unique perspective for such a large company. We are blessed with good jobs at a top-notch company, and taking the time to participate in work that supports those less fortunate is essential to our own personal growth, and frankly, an obligation as good citizens. The leadership at NetApp recognizes this, and offers the time (and sometimes their own financial support) to make sure it happens. The VTO program has afforded me the opportunity to grow my own participation with local non-profits, and it feels great as a member of NetApp's leadership team to be a part of a company that supports these efforts—it’s so important because volunteering does take time and involvement. In giving back, just like in the workplace, leading from the front is the only way I know how to do it and I get inspired each day by those who have gotten involved with activities I have led them to as well as all the wonderful places they have led me or do on their own."

One of the organizations that is close to Bill’s heart is the
Diocese of Brooklyn Futures in Education Foundation, that provides tuition assistance and program support to the neediest of students and schools in Brooklyn and Queens. Bill was born and raised in Brooklyn and is a product of its Catholic Schools. He is committed to giving his time and financial support to assist the coming generations of kids striving to excel in school and sports. During his own Catholic school years, there were folks willing to ensure he had excellent opportunities in education. Bill attributes his personal and professional success to this support, and is very motivated to pay-it-forward. It is important to note that this is Bill giving back to his roots as he hasn't lived there in 27 years.

Tomorrow Bill is being recognized as the Honoree at the Futures in Education Annual Scholarship Fund Dinner alongside NBA Hall of Famer Chris Mullin. “Thanks to the many people who have given me a leg up in life, and to NetApp who so clearly values our volunteer efforts, I’m able to make a difference. That matters to me and an honor like this award from Futures in Education is a testament to that support.”

If you have any questions about the benefits of the Volunteer Time Off program at NetApp, feel free to reach out to Bill. He’ll give you many reasons for taking advantage of this time, and motivate you to use the opportunity to the fullest. And follow what Bill and his East Enterprise team are up to on Twitter at


I love the our volunteer time off program at NetApp. I used it the last to years to help in Mexico and next year is Haiti. 

NetApp is a great place to work.


Good job Mr. Bill, you've been a good role model that's why you have been blessed a lot. You deserved to be recognized at the Future's in Education Annual Scholarship Fund Dinner as a Honoree.