What Gets Me Up in the Morning? Having a Good Attitude

There are five attributes of NetApp’s culture that Tom always stresses when giving speeches around the globe. The first,  is the importance of having a great attitude. Join Tom as he talks about what motivates him and why it’s important to focus on what gets you up every morning vs. what keeps you up at night.



Indeed.  Words of wisdom.

Nicely done, having left HP after 30 years, it has been refreshing to come back to a company that believes in company culture and is determined to support that culture even during difficult economic times. Thanks, Heidi


I'll tell you what got me out of bed today.  Chomping at the bit to get to the office and set up multipath SnapMirrors on our brand new NetApp Filers.

So why is the CIO of a large mid-size company playing with NetApp Filers? Well, because I’m having so much fun I wouldn’t think of contracting it all out!

After being in the computer industry for over 25 years there is very little that gets me excited these days, been there done that as they say. But not with NetApp filers, the more I play with them the more I find they can do for our family of companies.

Having the ability to personally and easily interact with the storage network keeps my decisions sharp, creating a comfort level not easily attainable with other vendors.

Having NetApp has proven to keep me excited about what’s next for our own cloud. The easy administration allows me to see firsthand the capabilities and features I need to make critical business decisions and the fun I’m having doing it keeps my attitude positive.

Something tells me that the people at NetApp shouldn’t have too hard a time keeping a positive attitude given the great products they get to sell and the awesome leadership demonstrated in your video.

Thanks NetApp!

Scott Milne, CIO

Clayton Companies

Wall, NJ


Thanks Tom for the concise and straightforward points about attitude and motivation.  I couldn't agree more.  Off to work!


Never a more true statement.

Heidi, when we sat down in 1994 to discuss what the values of NetApp would be, the HP Way played prominently in our thinking (along with the culture that Cisco had established).  I always loved the fact they believed in respecting the individual, encouraged and committed to innovation, stayed humble. . .


Thank you for your extremely kind and thoughtful comments.  It is clearly our pleasure to work with you and your team to do whatever we can to help your business. 

Best Regards,


This week we had a client have a major data center outage.

It was amazing to see my teammates at NetApp do what ever it took to help the client.

Now thats attitude... and culture!

Just another reason why I like working at NetApp


Completely agree Tom.  It's one of the things that has impressed me most in my 2 years with NetApp so far.  Everyone I ask for any type of help always seems to have such a great attitude to help.  No matter how big or how small, it is definitely one of the things that makes this company great.

The best thing about attitude is that it's a choice.  No matter what your circumstances or what is happening around you, you can always choose to have a great attitude. 

One thing I would add about attitude is that having a great attitude gives you more energy and makes you happier and healthier.  Having a bad attitude is exhausting and draining.  Think about people you know and their attitude.  I'll bet you associate people with a bad attitude of being tired, stressed, and worn out, while those you know who have great attitudes seem the opposite.

Thanks for your post.


Attitude determines altitude!

Couldn't agree more jzhao! Another saying I like is "optimism is a force multiplier."

I am a NCG at NetApp, and my internship experience here was absolutely brilliant. This company leads from the front, couldn't agree more with the points you made stressing the importance of having the right attitude. It gives you peaceful nights, as you said, and happy times.

Love our intern programs. Their excitement at being part of NetApp is palpable and infectious. Thanks for your comments.


This blog was timely because I needed to be reminded of how important it is to start my day on a positive note. You're right. Why spend time worrynig about what keeps you awake when you can focus on what gets you up? It's such a simple concept that makes an important differene in how we think. Thank you for the reminder. I'd bet the majority of us could use one.

Thanks Lisa.  Doing the video blogs has been an interesting experience.  The feedback by those who have viewed them has been very positive but they are much more lightly viewed than I expected (especially by NetApp people).  Given how many people ask me to speak for them, I find that surprising.


Fantastic advice, Tom. Thank you.

I am greatly looking forward to joining the team in December.