Why I Create Personal and Professional Goals Every 90 Days

NetApp Vice Chairman, Tom Mendoza, creates three professional and three personal goals for himself. Find out why he gives himself 90 days to complete them and what led him to start doing this in the first place.


Tom, great insight, great idea, thanks for sharing. Change - Break Thru - Appreciate yourself - Grow.

Hi Tom,

What you have stated here as a personal development system is so clear and simple it can work for everyone. I also really like how you have made the distinction that goals are for ourselves, and not for others. Personally and with clients, I have seen and experienced that once we get the exhilaration factor going, it pays back because we feel it and then it's easier and easier to keep the forward momentum. Otherwise, we either stagnate or we go the other direction! The Universe is always in motion......

In Light, Tessa.

Thanks very much.  Changing and growing is the key to achieving anything worthwhile IMO.

Thanks Tessa.  I liked your perspective.

This is fantastic. The process is not overwhelming and can be approached step by step with truly measurable goals. Thank you for this.

Thank you Tom. This is inspirational. Goals have always worked for me, providing the personal fulfillment you mention and more. However, until listening to your concise presentation about your own goal-setting, I lack a systematic method to initiate movement towards a new level once my previous goal is met. Now I have one. Many thanks!

Thanks Tom, as you know we can get really busy and goals get dropped off for the fires.  I think this will help me and my team to focus short term and have a much more personal fulfillment.

Thank you very much for this great sharing, Tom! I'm sharing this with my team and start doing the 90 days goal setting.

Really a great video and thanks for sharing.