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Convergred System Advisor setup



I'm in deployment phase of CSA and i can add all equipment from flexpod exept ontap even with admin account. Can it be related to certificates ? it's default certificates on controllers & appliance. 


Thx in advance for your help !


Re: Convergred System Advisor setup

Hi @CSAsetup,


Can you share the message you are receiving when trying to add ONTAP in the agent?



Re: Convergred System Advisor setup

Hi Aaron,


Thx for your interest, i don't have any error message it's accepted but stay at 0% on global device page.

Re: Convergred System Advisor setup

Can you share what version of ONTAP and what hardware model you are using?

Re: Convergred System Advisor setup

9.3P11 on AFF8080. 

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We have tested on FAS 8080 (ONTAP 9.3P10) so that's a very close to perfect match. I doubt it's version related. I also doubt it's related to certificates. 


Having said all this it is possible that you are instead hitting a software issue in the collection process. If you’d like to troubleshoot here is where to start:

The primary thing to look at are the logs from docker. You can get them by ssh'in into your agent and running the following command:


csa@csa:~$    docker logs `docker ps|grep agent|awk '{print $1}'` | tee docker.log

This will generate a file docker.log in the current directory that you could look at (and also send to support if it's not apparent what the failure is).


It would be best to generate a fresh failure before running this command.




Jeff Applewhite