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What exactly HyperConverged can Offer?

If we use Flexpod as Converged platform as an example, what exactly real examples Hyperconverged can offer, and Felxpod cannot?

Please correct me if I am missing anything here.


Re: What exactly HyperConverged can Offer?



My first smart ass reply would be the different form factor. Smiley Very Happy And HCI utilizes Solidfire for storage.


I can turn your question the other way around: what has Flexpod as a product to offer what HCI cannot accomplish?





Re: What exactly HyperConverged can Offer?



I don't know if I'm too late but I'll give it a shot anyway. From a general perspective of HCI compared to converged infrastructures, I would argue that HCI systems are made of more closely related components tied together with a virtualization layer touching compute, storage and networking. Plug, on top of this, in order to make the whole thing feel like a black box, an HCI platform will come with a management pane offering a single point of management and a holistic view of the components, their usage and providing the required functions to provision or decommission ressources as needed. Also, ideally, most of the interaction with it should be doable via APIs. The latter is the key to be able to build a managed infrastructures and make it operate like cloud providers. 


Now, you tell me if you get a better understanding with my explanation.