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SC 3.5.0 VIBE error


Not sure where to go from here, when I see this in the logs....

########## Application Auto Discovery ##########

[Thu Jan 26 11:20:41 2012] ERROR: 500 read timeout at /</usr/local/scServer3.5.0/snapcreator>SnapCreator/Agent/                 line 474

[Thu Jan 26 11:20:41 2012] [] ERROR: [scf-00049] Auto Discovery for plugin vibe failed with exit code 1, Exiting!

Can someone point in the right direction?



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Hi Jim,

It is easier if you open a discussion not a document in future.

As for error read timeout is simply that the scServer waited for the scAgent and the timeout expired.

The timeout is controlled by the SC_AGENT_TIMEOUT setting in the config file.

I would set it to


Also if it still times out you can with SC 3.5 set this option


This will force logging on agent so you can actually see what it is doing, the logs are similar to those on server under the scAgent/logs directory.




Another thing

If you are using which is localhost, why are you even using an agent?

Comment out SC_AGENT

The scServer can communicate directly with vCenter, you only need scAgent if scServer has no access to vCenter.



Read this in the 3.5 document...

You should be aware of the following considerations when using VMware plug-in:

• The VMware plug-in is supported only on Windows and Linux. If the user is using a non-Windows or non-Linux Snap Creator Server, they need a Snap Creator Windows/Linux agent to run the VMware plug-in.

Seemed that the agent would be required.



I believe that the point of the section you are referring to is the fact that the VMware plug-in only works with Windows and Linux.

If you are running a Snap Creator server on a different OS, say Solaris, then you would need a Windows or Linux agent to run the plug-in.

Snap Creator Server contains all of the same calls as the agent, so if you are running only on one system then you do not need the agent piece at all.

Hope this helps to clarify.


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