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Snapdrive Wrapper to support file systems on unpartitioned LUNs on RHEL with Snapmanager for Oracle


This is a work around for this Knowledge base article:

# snapdrive wrapper to allow proper handling of raw luns on RedHat linux
# Specifically, this script intercepts snap connect commands that do not
# make use of the nopersist option, insert the -nopersist, and emulate the
# expected default behaviour of updating /etc/fstab with the newly applied
# lun.  Using this wrapper will allow scripts/utilities (eg SMO) that do not
# handle snapdrives handling of raw luns on RedHat to function as expected.
# Installation:
# Make a bin_real directory in your snapdrive installation directory (ie, the
# directory level just beneath the bin directory containing the snapdrive
# executable), and move the snapdrive executable to the bin_real directory.
# Place this script where the snapdrive executable was originally installed
# and don't forget to chmod it.  If necessary, change the SD_BASE variable
# below to reflect the correct snapdrive base directory. 
# Disclaimer:
# This is in no way supported by NetApp, use at your own risk.
# 2013-06-18 - Initial version
# 2013-06-19 - v2 - changed options for fstab insertion
# Cheers,
# Warren M. Landon (

# Update to use the snapdrive installation directory

if [[ $1 = "snap" ]] && [[ $2 = "connect" ]] && [[ ! $@ =~ "-nopersist" ]]
    cat /proc/mounts > /tmp/sd_mnt.before
    ${SD_BASE}/bin_real/snapdrive $@ -nopersist
    cat /proc/mounts > /tmp/sd_mnt.after
    if [[ $(diff /tmp/sd_mnt.before /tmp/sd_mnt.after | grep '>' | wc -l) -eq 1 ]]
        diff /tmp/sd_mnt.before /tmp/sd_mnt.after |grep '>' | awk '{print $2,"\t",$3,"\t",$4,"\tdefaults,noatime,nodiratime,data=ordered","1","1"}' >> /etc/fstab
    ${SD_BASE}/bin_real/snapdrive $@

exit $result

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