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Video - Snap Creator 4.1 - Single File Restore with the Domino Plugin in SAN environments


This video walks through single file restores with the Domino plugin in SAN environments.

The Snap Creator plugin for IBM Domino has fairly advanced restore functions for Domino.

I'm adding this entry to build on the information in the Creating a Complex Configuration (Domino as an example) post

The videos are based after the information in TR-4009: NetApp Snap Creator Framework with IBM Domino Plug-In Deployment and Configuration Guide:

There are three high level restore scenarios for the Domino plugin:

    •    Domino Volume Restore

    •    Domino Single File Restore (NFS)

    •    Domino Single File Restore (SAN)

Each type of restore is also capable of performing the following recovery options on Domino:

    •    Point in time Restore (up to the point in time of the Snapshot copy)

    •    Up to the Minute Restore* (Restore to the point in time of the Snapshot copy and play transaction logs forward to the most recent entry)

    •    Selectable Up to the Minute Restore* (Restore to the point in time of the Snapshot copy and play transaction logs forward to a specific point in time [example - April 10 at 10:00:00])

     *Domino transaction logs must be enabled to perform this type of recovery.

You can also optionally disable replication when performing a restore, assigning a new DBIID to the restore Domino database(s).

Since Snap Creator uses the single file snap restore API, if you attempt to perform a single file restore through the GUI or CLI in a SAN environment all you can see is the underlying LUN.

For Domino Restore in SAN environments you must mount a Snapshot copy, copy the data into a restore path, then run Snap Creator via the CLI.

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