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Video - Snap Creator 4.1 - Using META_DATA_VOLUMES


Application consistent backup copies are important to many users of Snap Creator.

With certain applications or databases, when you put the database into a consistent state information about the database is written to another location so that it can be written to the database once it is returned to normal mode.

This second database should not have a Snapshot copy taken of it while the database in a consistent state, because the database is writing to that location.  

You must take a Snapshot copy once the database has been returned to normal mode to have a full set of data for recovery purposes.

Snap Creator is able to identify volumes as a META_DATA_VOLUME.

This tells Snap Creator that the volumes identified as a META_DATA_VOLUME should have a Snapshot copy taken after the unquiesce operation has completed.

This video walks through this information as shows you how to configure a volume as a META_DATA_VOLUME.

This change cannot be made via the GUI - the config file needs to be edited through a text editor.

This video builds on the configuration file created in

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