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Active Directory credentials for Snapcreator



I'm interested in if there is support for Active Directory credentials to be used in SnapCreator (3.5).

We have AIX systems going to run SnapCreator (SC) for Oracle backups. We'd like to define A.D. user to run SC process so that the account is managed within A.D. and does not have to be created on multiple storage controllers.

In the profile .conf file, we have attempted to define 'domain\user', `domain\user`, and "domain\user", all to no avail yet.

If not currently supported, what would be the chance and/or timeline for future support of this?



Re: Active Directory credentials for Snapcreator


This came in from Keith Tenzer, aka The SnapCreator Man. Cheers Keith!

SC uses ONTAP RBAC and DFM RBAC (if your using DFM) so yes an AD user is supported.

You can do something like


Actually not sure if you knew this but SC can use the DFM proxy meaning you could have SC go through DFM server for everything, so SC wouldn’t even talk to a storage controller directly. Of course DFM integrates with AD.

As for Snap Creator GUI, we store our own user/pass there and that is not yet integrated with AD but that isnt a big deal, usually you just create 1 user for GUI and that is it, it is only used to control access to GUI for SC and GUI is optional if that is a big deal.

Hope this helps

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