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Anyone using ApplianceWatch PRO 2.1.1?


Hi There,

I have installed ApplianceWatch PRO 2.1.1 on our SCOM 2007 R2 CU4 server and i've managed to add a couple of our filers adding credentials and doing a discovery.

The lists of volumes, LUNS, Qtrees and aggregates under the dataontap folder remain unpopulated, anyone got any pointers as to what I might be doing wrong?



Anyone using ApplianceWatch PRO 2.1.1?


Here's a link to our doc set which includes the troubleshooting guide. 

If its still not populating , check the installation for required items within SCOM and move up to ApplianceWatch.  Are you getting any errors in the logs?  If you're still having problems, please contact NGS so they can assist with log collection.

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