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Backup Operators group - access to c$

I'm trying to setup Commvault to backup CIFS shares on a FAS cluster.


I have a File System iDA with a subclient pointing to \\NetApp\c$


If I add a domain account to the "Backup Operators" group on the NetApp and use that account in Commvault to "Connect As" on the subclient the backup doesn't work, I simply get "Access Denies" in the Commvault logs.


If I add the domain account to the "Administrators" group on the NetApp the backup works.


I understood that "Backup Operators" can bypass NTFS and  Share permissions to backup files.


Am I missing something in the NetApp implementation of this, or am I most likely doing something wrong with how I have the Commvault subclient configured?


Setting it to use the C$ share seems the simplest way to do this but I'm still new to NetApp and couldn't find much guidance on whether there's another recommended way.




Re: Backup Operators group - access to c$

Add the following privileges to the Backup Operators group and it should work:







We're doing a POC of Komprise' file archiving solution and ran into the same issue, but these took care of it.