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Backup of once database

I create a resource group with 2 server sql i selected thr whole instance.
So i chech i can restore once database from instance.
But when i want to create manually backup of one database i cannot do it there is only backup of whole resource group so i have backup of both servers.
Its this not possible because i use resourcefgroups?
Or how can i do manually backup of one database?

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Re: Backup of once database


What happend in this examples


i habe a resource group with server 1 server 2

i login on server 1 open task scheduler and start the scheduler for full.


Will automaticly take a backup of db on server 2?


Yes i allready found out that i can create a backup of single db

i crate my a new policy without scheduler

and under

resources\ view instance

can i  click the instance and den protect. so i can create a backup with before create policy. and i dont give the scheduler to the policy


or resources \view database

click on database and then protect. and create a backup job without scheduler.


i think this is the right way.

Re: Backup of once database


There are two ways to protect resources in SnapCenter. One is protecting via 'Resource Group' creation or the implicit way by just selecting the instance or individual DB and click on protect.


Depend on user choice on how they want to go about. Resource group creation is a way for the customer to group resources the way he wants based on critical workloads, scheduling needs etc...



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