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Can Snapdrive for Unix create a file clone

Snapdrive for Unix 5.3 and CDOT 8.3.1P1.


We are currently using Snapdrive to create lunclones.

Is it possible to use Snapdrive to create file clones?




Re: Can Snapdrive for Unix create a file clone

Hello , 


Below is command to clone a filesystem (Lun)  which has application consistent snapshots:


I have used Snapshot snap2 which contains application consistent Snapshots of /mnt/fs1 and /mnt/fs2 for snap connect.


# snapdrive snap connect -fs /mnt/fs_1 -fs /mnt/fs_2 -snapname homer:/vol/vol1:snap2 -autorename -clone unrestricted


connecting /mnt/fs_1:
creating unrestricted volume clone homer:/vol/
Snapdrive_vol1_volume_clone_from_snap2_snapshot ... success
mapping new lun(s) ... done
connecting /mnt/fs_2:
mapping new lun(s) ... done
discovering new lun(s) ... done
Successfully connected to snapshot homer:/vol/vol1:snap2
file system: /mnt/fs_1_0
file system: /mnt/fs_2_0


Here, SnapDrive for UNIX has created a single unrestricted FlexClone Snapdrive_vol1_0_volume_clone_from_snap2_Snapshot from Snapshot snap2.

This is then connected to LUN to create a cloned host file system /mnt/fs1_0 and /mnt/fs2_0 respectively.




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