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Can you increase the Snapdrive timeout value?


Snapdrive Version      Windows Server Enterprise R2

When I try to connect to a lun everything looks like its going fine up until the last step. Then it gives me a timeout error, but the lun gets mapped and shows up fine after I restart computer manager and go back into snap drive. I can even take snapshots. It’s still there even after I restart the systems. I believe this problem can be resolved if I can increase the time out value which right now looks like its set to 120 seconds.



Hi! It's look like a bug fixed in version 6.2P1. You can find more info in this topic:


Applied the P1 patch but it did not resolve my issue. Although now I can delete the lun from the machine.


Do you have Windows® Host Utilities 5.3 installed?




TimeOutValue setting used by the Host Utilities
The Windows Host Utilities installer sets the disk TimeOutValue to 20 seconds for MPIO
configurations and to 120 seconds for non-MPIO configurations. The installer skips this setting if
Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO is detected.
The disk TimeOutValue parameter specifies how long an I/O request is held at the SCSI layer before
timing out and passing a timeout error to the application above.
The disk TimeOutValue setting for MPIO configurations changed to 20 from 60 seconds in Windows
Host Utilities 5.1. This lower value improves failover performance.
This parameter is set in the following Windows registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM
Attention: Installing the cluster service on Windows 2003 sets the disk TimeOutValue to 10
seconds. Upgrading the Emulex or QLogic HBA driver software changes TimeOutValue to 60

seconds. If cluster service is installed or the HBA driver is upgraded after you install Windows
Host Utilities, use the Repair option to change the disk TimeOutValue back to 20 or 120 seconds.
In the Windows Control Panel, launch Add or Remove Programs. Select Windows Host
Utilities and click Change. Then click Repair to correct the TimeOutValue setting. If Data
ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO is installed, use the Repair option of the DSM installation
program instead.

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