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Cannot expand snapdrive lun


When I click the button "Expand Disk..." to expand the lun with SnapDrive GUI, I got following error:

Unable to reseize disk. Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.


SnapDrive Version: 7.1.4

OS: Windows Server 2016

Volume for the LUN is 250GB large.


LUN details:

::> lun show -vserver xx -lun userdblog_L.lun -instance

Vserver Name: xx
LUN Path: /vol/xx__usrdblog_01/q_userdblog/userdblog_L.lun
Volume Name: xx__usrdblog_01
Qtree Name: q_userdblog
LUN Name: userdblog_L.lun
LUN Size: 150.0GB
OS Type: windows_2008
Space Reservation: enabled
Serial Number: ds/ea4q8-Ed8
Serial Number (Hex): 64732f65613471382d456438
Space Reservations Honored: false
Space Allocation: disabled
State: online
LUN UUID: 55799008-8d97-4c84-b780-51ae83a5952c
Mapped: mapped
Block Size: 512
Device Legacy ID: -
Device Binary ID: -
Device Text ID: -
Read Only: false
Fenced Due to Restore: false
Used Size: 139.3GB
Maximum Resize Size: 1.47TB
Creation Time: 4/24/2015 16:16:46
Class: regular
Node Hosting the LUN: xx
QoS Policy Group: -
Caching Policy Name: -
Clone: true
Clone Autodelete Enabled: false
Inconsistent Import: false


Re: Cannot expand snapdrive lun


Which type of LUN is that one?

Is this a dynamic disk?

Looks like a kind of comunication issue between the windows machine and the virtual environemtn (i guess this is an RDM lun). Did you already try to restart the SD service?

Re: Cannot expand snapdrive lun


Have you try to resize the lun direct on storage controller and than use windows disk management und expand the drive after refresh ?



Re: Cannot expand snapdrive lun


Rebooting the Windows-Server solved the problem. Smiley Happy



From SnapDrive created LUN's should be never changed with other tools like OnCommand System Manager or windows disk management.

These LUN's have have a special disk geometry from SnapDrive.


Example: Resizing a Snapdrive-LUN with OnCommand System Manager create huge "busy" snapshots in a Snapmirror-Relationship, that cannot be deleted!

View solution in original post

Re: Cannot expand snapdrive lun


Thanks for the hin but i've never heard of one special disk geometry from SnapDrive.

But my lun initial not created with snapdrive, that could be the rasion i have not seen any issues.

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