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Celerra to NetApp Migration - NDMP Question



In a Netbackup (6.0) environment, is it possible to restore Celerra NDMP backups to NetApp NDMP? What information do we need to gather from the Celerra/NBU side to find an answer.


p.s. This is actually a duplicate post from another location where no answers were received - so my humble apologies in advance.





I believe you should chase Symantec/Veritas for a firm answer.

My gut feeling though is it cannot be done easily. This is an example from Commvault world, where in essence a reverse thing (or almost) can be done - restoring NetApp (and only NetApp) NDMP image to a Windows server:

And there is another piece of information how to read NDMP backups on a Solaris host without NetBackup:,_especially_without_NetBackup%3F

But, again - that not necesarilly wil work with Celerra backups.





Thanks for the post. I also pinged a few folks, searched on the 'Net and overall, I am getting a "I am not sure" impression.

The closest we come to a solution without a complete one is CommVault. Even that however, has limited support matrix and does not restore Windows ACLs.

Apart from the "ease of use", specifically with NetApp solution and the speed of a NDMP solution, I would interested in what other people think of this lack of flexibility and what it means to you.. Do you guys see this (lack of portability) as a disadvantage of NDMP?



NDMP provides a framework for the management of backups between backup  applications (DMAs - Data Management Applications) and data servers  (DSPs - data service providers).  NDMP does not specify the backup stream format used by the DSP.  Each DSP vendor (EMC and NetApp in your case) defines their backup stream format they will use and I'm not aware of any cooperation between vendors to allow interoperability.

The example of the "File System NDMP Restore Enabler" feature from CommVault seems to be CommVault reverse engineering NetApp's backup stream format (in a basic way - check the "considerations" at the link quoted in an earlier post) to allow reading and restoring those backups to a Windows host.


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