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Clone a SAP DB with SMSQL


First off forgive me as I know little of SAP.  IHAC that wants to clone a SAP DB (only one MSSQL DB) for test.  They have deployed SMSQL and are taking regular backups with success.  Can they clone a DB through SMSQL for use on a test SAP server?  Are there any manual steps that are needed to be taken for SAP?  Are the documented?

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Re: Clone a SAP DB with SMSQL


Hi Bill,

It is possible to use SMSQL cloning to create a database copy for a SAP homogenious systemcopy.

Please have a look at the following TR:

The TR is marked as archived, but the process is still the same.

Instead of using SAPINST as described within the TR, SAPs Software Provisioning Manager has to be used to perform a SAP homogenious system copy, database specific method.

Your customer is probably familiar with the Software Provisioning Manager and how to perform a SAP system copy.

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Re: Clone a SAP DB with SMSQL


Thanks Marco.  This is just what I was looking for.

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