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Clone_database created database with wrong name.


Hi All,


We regularly create database snapshots using SMSQL. We have recently found one strange issue with database creation. We use below command to create db clone.


clone-database –svr 'servername' –inst 'servername' -d 'PROD_DB' -tgInst 'SERVERNAME' -tgDb 'PROD_DB_01' -tgmpdir 'DirectoryDetails' -ForceTerminateConnection -RetainBackups 1 -trunclog $false –mgmt standard



So instead of creating database PROD_DB_01 the snap manager restored database with name PROD_DB__Clone on it's own.


The command mentioned above is scheduled through sql agent job to avoid any manual intervention. 


Can somebody help with the same to resolve the issue of wrong database creation with completely different name even when we pass the name of database through command only.


Re: Clone_database created database with wrong name.


This was resolved. Somehow the delete-clone step was missed and the new clones were created with different as the clone name specified was already existing.

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