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Cloning databases using SMO -- cross filer


We are able to clone databases to alternate host using SMO. I'm just wondering if cloning to alternate host and alternate filer is possible with SMO. (given that all filer and host level permissions are set). Ideally, we do not want clones to be on the same filer as the original database.

Please suggest the best approach to do this !!

Thank you,

Madhu Ayanala.


Re: Cloning databases using SMO -- cross filer

SnapManager for Oracle 3.0 in combination with Protection Manager supports cloning from a secondary filer.

Setup the SMO profile to protect the backups, and once Protection Manager has copied the backup to the secondary, SMO will let you pick which copy you wish to clone from.

Re: Cloning databases using SMO -- cross filer

Thanks for the reply !! We will try this option in SMO 3.0.

Madhu Ayanala.

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