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Clustered Data ONTAP FC interface for NDMP


Hello, guys!


I gave up after searching information in Documentation, Community, FieldPortal etc. No word said about configuring FC interface on C-DOT for Tape connection for NDMP backup over Fibre Channel.


There is an informaiton for 7-mode, that says I just need to set fc port as an initiator and configure zoning between the port and Tape library. OK, there are physical ports in 7-mode with fixed WWPNs. But I cannot use them in C-mode, that uses LIFs with NPIV. Do I need to create the LIF? How can I configure FC interface to connect with the library?


I feel stupid myself as I believe that the solution is very very simple and I just misunderstatnd anything. Please help me sort out this stuff, provide a solution or link on the article or document.


Best regards,



Re: Clustered Data ONTAP FC interface for NDMP




Refer KB 2016492  Unable to find the NDMP device when attempting to backup data from a storage system to a tape device/library over a fiber channel

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Re: Clustered Data ONTAP FC interface for NDMP


Thank you, Sahana!


I have already configured ports as initiators and rebooted the storage controllers. What I need is to know, what wwpn address is there on the port to create correct zoning between the storage and the Tape systems.


So, as I use Clustered Data ONTAP, there are no hardware FC-ports, but virtualized (NPIV). If they were targets, I could create LIF and get wwpn information for zoning, but it is impossible to create LIF on initiator port. Moreover, initiator ports are not shown in "fcp adapter show" output. And hard port wwpn gotten from the "fcp adapter show -fields fc-wwpn" output is also useless as it is not sent in the SAN.


Finally, I have found information about virtual wwpn:


1. Connect to the nodeshell.

2. Enter advanced privelege mode.

3. Enter "fcadmin channels" command that shows virtual wwpn.



Finally, looking flogi database on the switch, I found exactly the same wwpn connected 🙂


Maybe, this is the wrong way and it was easier to create hard zoning by mapping interfaces but not wwpns, I don't know.

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