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CommVault IntelliSnap and Block Level Backup




IHAC that has been using CommVault IntelliSnap since 2018. For OS backups, they have been using OSDP, but 

The OSDP feature is deprecated from the Commvault software in V11 SP15 and or similar functionality, use block-level backups.


Could you confirm that block-level backup can be used witch CommVault IntelliSnap License (controller-based)? I couldn´t find this information.


Regards, Rafael.



Re: CommVault IntelliSnap and Block Level Backup


I use to work for CommVault, but not in touch with the software for some time now. However, I am pretty sure you should be able to use use block-level backups (for OSDP clients) with your IntelliSnap Controller based license. To be honest, OSDP (In NetApp terms - OSSV [Open System SnapVault]) was created to backup data from non-NetApp hardware. I guess, even with OSDP it did block-level Incrementals (using native snapshot engine). You should be good as long as the configuration is met as per the documentation of CommVault.


IntelliSnap can be used with : NetApp (or any other compatible arrray) as well as non-netapp Hardware:
NetApp Hardware (data is residing on volume presented from NetApp) - NetApp Hardware Snapshot engine.
Non-NetApp Hardware (data residing on partitions that are not provisioned from NetApp) - CommVault uses native snapshot engine, for example on windows , it can use vss to create the snapshot for non-netapp hadware. Similarly for Linux, I guess the requirement for native snap is that the file systems must reside on top of LVM.


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