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Command line syntax for DAG backup


Hi all

I'm new to Snap Manager.  Just trying to configure our first scheduled backup job.  We have a 3 member DAG.  I am only looking to backup the database from the remote passive node.  The one with activation preference 3.  I would like copy backups to be run on the other servers.

The syntax the wizard has created is:

new-backup -Server 'DAG' -ClusterAware  -ManagementGroup 'Standard' -BackupTruncatedLogs $False -RetainDays 3 -RetainUtmBackups -1 -StorageGroup 'Database\Server3' -Verify  -VerificationServer 'Server3' -UseMountPoint  -MountPointDir 'D:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for Exchange\SnapMgrMountPoint' -PassiveDatabaseOnly  -ActivationPreference 3 -RemoteAdditionalCopyBackup $True -ArchiveRemoteAdditionalCopyBackup -RetainRemoteAdditionalCopyBackupDays 3

However, although the backup job works on Server3, the copy job fails on Server1 with:

Please remove the Storage Groups/Databases with invalid SnapManager Configuration from the input[-StorageGroup].

and also fails on Server2 with:

new-backup cmdlet will exit as it is not running in the Active node


Re: Command line syntax for DAG backup


I see that you have given "-StorageGroup" and didn't give any storage group names? Which is why you might be seeing that error.

I do some thing like this.

new-backup -Server 'DAG' -ManagementGroup 'Standard' -RetainDays 3 -RetainUtmDays 3 -StorageGroup 'sg1','sg2','sg3','sg4' -UseMountPoint -MountPointDir 'C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for Exchange\SnapMgrMountPoint' -ArchiveBackup -ArchivedBackupRetention 'Daily' -BackupType CopyBackup -RemoteAdditionalCopyBackup $False

For the second question:

If you have active/active or active/active/active cluster, at the end of the backup setup you need to select no for the dialog box and don’t let SMSQL add -clusteraware to the command.  This is the bug and we aware of it at this  point.

Hope it helps!



Re: Command line syntax for DAG backup


Hi Ravi

I have given storage group names - 'Database\Server3' above thats the format the backup wizard added.  Note this is an Exchange 2010 DAG.

So you do a local copy backup on each server, not a full backup on one, and 'remote copy' on the others.  How do you truncate the logs?

What do you mean SMSQL?  This is Exchange?

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