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Commvault Intellisnap - SMB3 volumes with Hyper-V



I am trying to protect my SMB3 shares with virtual machines in Hyper-V. The intention is to use Intellisnap (SnapProtect) with Commvault 10 SP11.


From some other posts, I already understand this is supported with Commvault.
Unfortunately, I don't get the backup running fine...


- The SMB share is discovered correctly.

- A snapshot on Hyper-V is created successfully.


After that I got an error in the CV console:

Error Code:[62:2498]

Description: Failed to retrieve data.

Source: hostname, Process vsbkp


Anyone familiar with this error?




Re: Commvault Intellisnap - SMB3 volumes with Hyper-V

as far as I know intellisnap and smb3 hyper-v share is not supported at the moment. So you have to use built in ms remote vss provider.


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