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Configuration for Partitioned Domino Server



is there any possibility with the SnapCreator Domino Plug-in to configure Snapshots for "Partitioned" Domino Servers, i.e. that have more that one Domino instance (with their own 'data' directories each)?


I did not find any information in the Domino Plugin documentation & TR about this, only to configure a single instance.


So what we have is one Server, which has two Domino instances, so we would need set something like the following:









Is that possible somehow in the current version of SnapCreator?





Re: Configuration for Partitioned Domino Server

Hi Marcel,


We do not support multiple data (DOMINO_DATA_PATH) or ini (DOMINO_INI_PATH) path into single config.




Re: Configuration for Partitioned Domino Server

Hi, thanks for the reply.


What is your recommended way to have partitioned Domino Servers backed up by SnapCreator?


Can I put the second Domino instance in backup mode with an additional quiesce command? What would be the best way to do this?




Re: Configuration for Partitioned Domino Server

In case anyone being in the need to do the same in the future:


Using nested configurations is working good, calling configs for the other Domino Instances on the same server with the PRE_APP_QUIESCE_CMD on the SnapCreator Server.


However, this will lead to each Instance having its own snapshot, despite being on the same volume, because pure quiesce/unquiesce operations are not supported and can cause Domino to stop responding.


Is this bug something that will be fixed in future releases to have Domino Quiesce/Unquiesce working correctly when called independently or is this an inherent limitation of Domino itself?

Re: Configuration for Partitioned Domino Server



While the crashing issue is fixed, overall this is a limitation of Domino.

Domino holds all of the information in a session.

Breaking operations into separate actions creates two different sessions.

Quiesce would work, but there would be no relationship to the separate unquiesce action as this would be a second session.


The result is that there would be no changeinfo details stored - Domino would not know about the different sessions.

After a restore operation a consistency check would occur.


Hope this helps,



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