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Hi, you can copy the oracle volumes (solaris type) with FlexClone?
In practice we are replacing a cluster; The new cluster has two identical servers in the first cluster. For migration:
- Oracle FlexClone volumes;
- Stop Oracle Database;
- Split the clone;
- Mapping of the volumes of the new cluster;

It can 'work?
Thanks for the support.


Re: Copy Oracle Database



In general, you can FlexClone Oracle databases - with few caveats, additional steps, etc.


However, why do you want to clone, rather than mount original volumes to the new servers?

Re: Copy Oracle Database

Hi, thanks for the answer.
We want to clone LUN to have a consistent copy of the databases. You can indicate what steps to take with FlexClone?
Thanks again for the support.

Re: Copy Oracle Database

I still don't get the cloning requiremnt - if you gracefully stop your Oracle database anyway (and presumably shut down legacy servers), it will be in a consistent state.


If you insisit on cloning, then SnapManager for Oracle (or SnapCenter) can automate all the steps.


Steps required for manual cloning are outside of my skillset.

Re: Copy Oracle Database

Hi radek_kubka,

thanks for the reply.

With the stop of the oracle database for consistency, I advice you to use FlexClone or ndmpcody?
I do not SnapManager for Oracle.
FlexClone takes snapshots present, while ndmpcoy not require snapshot.
Thanks for the support.


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