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DOT7.3.2 - V-3040 HPUX11iv3 on Itanium w/ Oracle 11gR2


I am trying to validate a target customer configuration comprised of the following components:

1)     Data ONTAP 7.3.2.

2)     V-3040

3)     HPUX11iV3 (on Itanium)

4)     Oracle 11gR2

5)     SnapManager for Oracle

6)     SnapDrive

7)     HostUtils.

I am uncertain as to the relationship the HostUtils component has in the overall configuration solution.

Tried using the IMT however I cannot select certain vital configuration aspects:

     1)     SnapManager for Oracle

     2)     SnapDrive

     3)     Host Application namely Oracle

               note Oracle 11gR2 is not listed.

What is the best method of vetting this configuration landscape for purposes of establishing its NetApp support status.

Thanks for your assistance.   


Re: DOT7.3.2 - V-3040 HPUX11iv3 on Itanium w/ Oracle 11gR2


The IMT is what you would use to verify your configuration:

The issue here though is you need support for 11gR2 and that data is not currently available to you because it is not yet supported by SMO until the upcoming 3.0.3 release.

Would suggest that you go through the IMT though and verify the SAN and SDU components based on your current host config.  Then make the final checks against the SMO perspective as if you were running 11gR1.

If you have questions about using the IMT, let us know.

Also, if you are aware of any special Oracle needs the customer has and perhaps that are specific to new 11gR2 features, please describe those and I can find out whether 3.0.3 will cover them.


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