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Difference in pri en sec snapshots ONTAP 9.3


Hi community,

thing is i'm struggeling with snapshot sizes on primary and secondary ONTAP 9.3P2 controllers.

Am i right to presume that when i take a daily snapshot on the primary with a snapmirror label _daily on it (let's say 100GB), this is transferred to the secondary Netapp with a SnapMirror XDP policy, this has to be the same size on the secondary (100GB)? I mean SM policy picks the SnapShot with the _Daily SM label, so it has to be the same snapshot on the secondary?

I see some big differences in snapshot size with the same name on pri and sec. Netapp.

Attached is a file with volumename, snapshotname and sizes.



Re: Difference in pri en sec snapshots ONTAP 9.3


The update from primary to secondary is only the data that has changed since the previous update.

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Re: Difference in pri en sec snapshots ONTAP 9.3


Consideration for the Size of Snapshots/Data on 2 differnt Controllers:


Detailed information's about impact of Dedupe and Compression can be found in our Technical Report

TR-4476 NetApp Data Compression, Deduplication,and Data Compaction

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