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Does SDW upgrade require downtime?


We have a setup on SDW 6.1/FCP with DOT 7.3.x and planning to upgrade to the latest SDW version because of the upgrade of DOT 8.1 (new controller). Does upgrading SDW require downtime? I know that the service will need to be stopped and restarted, but the LUN themselves may still be available although SDW is not available. Is this correct, or is downtime absolutely necessary?

Also, the existing SDW is on an older version of MPIO (3.31) and possibly needs to be upgraded as well. Does this also require downtime for the upgrade?



Re: Does SDW upgrade require downtime?

I am wondering the same thing as I am preparing to update two of our controllers to 8.1.1P1.

Re: Does SDW upgrade require downtime?

SnapDrive can be upgraded without interrupting the access to the LUN (incl. MPIO)...

Re: Does SDW upgrade require downtime?

As long as the new version of SDW doesn't ask for Extra Hot-Fix it's a online process.

However, with MS you really can't escape without installed Hot-Fixes ( Which do require Reboot).


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