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Does snapcreator 3.6 support postgresql 9.1?


Hi Guru

Because the plugin for postgresql is still community plug-in,  I did not find any info in IMT.  I checked some old docs about this plug-in and only 8.3.x and 8.4 is mentioned.  is there any reference and experience about 9.1?

Imy customer environment is postgresql9.1+ debian6.0.5.

thank and best regards!



Re: Does snapcreator 3.6 support postgresql 9.1?


As said in the previous thread, I have seen people using it with out any issues. This is not under officially tested list, you can always give a try in a test environment before deploying?? I also provided the link for Interoperability matrix tool in the previous thread, please use that for future questions on compatibility issues.

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